Hot Air Balloon

Encourages pupils to confront an issue and explore its implications further.

This activity can be used as a planning tool. It encourages pupils to confront an issue, explore its implications in a comprehensive manner and adopt a structured approach to future preparation and planning.Pupils are given a structured set of questions around a particular issue, including: Who needs to be in the balloon? Pupils write the names of key people around the issue – people who need to be on board in order for it to go anywhere. What needs to be in place for the project to be successful? On the balloon itself, pupils note all the elements which they think are necessary in order for the project (planning) to be successful.

You don’t have to have to use a balloon you could pick vehicle pupils are more familar with.

Ask pupils to list who needs to be in the balloon in order for it to take off. What outcomes are needed for the project to be successful what potential failures could there be?