Revolving Circle

Builds confidence in communication.

This method builds up pupil confidence in communication techniques as they engage in short discussions. It also allows pupils to sample a wide range of views without holding a whole class discussion. Pupils may, as a result, refi ne their ideas or opinions on a particular issue. Pupils divide into two groups. One group forms an inner circle and the other group forms an outer circle Pupils face each other. The pairs exchange views for approximately one minute on a particular issue. The inner circle then rotates clockwise and the outer circle rotates anti-clockwise. The new pair consider the question. The rotation may continue until pupils have had the opportunity to discuss the question with a wide range of partners. A debrief afterwards is benefi cial. This activity could also be used with simulations

Choose a particular topic for the activity, perhaps a topic which is relevant to the current subject.

Divide pupils into two groups; one forms the inner circle the other the outter. Pairs exchange views on an issue for a minute then the inner circle rotates, repeat this until pupils have spoken with a wide range of partners.