Solving a problem as a group

Identifying problems and finding steps to solve them in collaboration

This skill teaches children to work efficiently to define a task and share the responsibility and knowledge to accomplish the goal. It is a master skill that requires many of the other skills defined below such as following approved directions, paying attention to what others are saying and taking turn. This skill can teach for instance to listen to what each member of the group has to say, wait until it’s your turn to talk and say what you think, decide as a group what the problem is, what the possible solutions are and what the best choice would be and act on it, as a group.

The teacher asks the class to get into groups and solve the math problem together.

Identify what the problem is. If you have an idea let the others know, however, make sure you choose the right time to let everyone else in the group know (e.g. do not speak when someone else is speaking). Listen to everyone’s ideas and respond if necessary.