Dealing with being left out

Identifying why and whether you are being left out and what to do when it happens

First, the child has to think about why she/he feels left out and whether this is accurate or not. Then, the child should think about what action he/she can do to join the group and what to do if the group says that they don’t want to play with him/her.

Your friends tell you that there isn’t enough room for you to help with the puzzle.

Identity how you feel, then look at how to deal with the rejection. Possibly take deep breath, or walk away. Take things into perspective and find something else to do. It’s ok to feel rejected, it happens.

Dealing with boredom

Identifying boredom and learning how to entertain yourself

“Feeling bored is a common experience for most school-age children and can be attributed to many factors. For example, children may verbalise that they are feeling bored when they feel lonely, discouraged, confused, overwhelmed, or ambivalent about an activity or disappointed by the outcome of play activities.”

The toys you used to play with arn’t fun anymore.

Decide how you feel then look at other possible activities, perhaps make a completely new way of playing with your toys. Look at the situation from different perspectives.